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A live template for a conscious future

Dear friends,

I invite you to join me in collaborating on a project - a live document, or living work, called 'New Earth Manifest(o)' (NEM). 

This manifesto is in the form of questions shaped around imagining a new future. To me, the future is more collaborative and participatory than the now past we've been used to. It is also based on our live and ongoing design efforts. Efforts existing as pre-thoughtforms, dreams and active pursuits which all, in some way, shape or form, impact our manifest reality. 

The point of NEM and I think a pillar of what New Earth is involves the conscious intent of the design plan. The conscious intent of the impact. Which means / necessitates becoming as conscious as possible of all the thoughts we're putting out into the world and also acknowledging our power inherent in this process of creation. Which is the creation of the world. (We create). As well as our responsibility. 

A glimpse inside the document:


NEW EARTH is an ongoing manifesto of input

for our future

to be shared and added to freely

The point is to create new thought patterns

Which are vibrational sound / light fields

Amplified by speech and sharing > vocal and visual exposure >> consciousness

The more people reached / involved

the more expansive the range of

possibilities we have to create


wide range


To participate

1. Download / open the word or pages doc 

2. Fill out the questions and email the completed form back to me at

3. Share this page with anyone you think might like to participate

4. Done! Your ideas have been energized into the matrix - thank you! 


I'll be collating the answers into a living (google) document, which can be viewed here. Check it out in a few weeks to read what other people are imagining New Earth to be. If you participate, I'll send an email update with the link again once I gather enough responses. 

I hope you'll have a look, a think and a voice in this. Your input and brain waves are powerful and needed.