multidimensional healing - energetic re-balancing - ascension guidance

What's blocking your evolution or spiritual ascension are usually things you cannot see. Things like subconscious programs from childhood, astral entanglements with foreign entities, and energetic drainage or derailment from soul loss.

Lacking your conscious awareness or attention, they remain unhealed and manifest in your waking life as physical, mental and/or emotional health issues. Things that keep you stuck, hold you back or actively drag you down.
Whatever's manifesting in your physical life as problematic and seemingly beyond your control - no matter how hard you’ve tried to resolve in the past - is usually connected to your subconscious or etheric body. And since we cannot solve what we cannot see, we accept the condition, resign ourselves to a sub-par reality and basically live the equivalent to a half-life (or less)!
My work is about unearthing the root of your issue(s). Untangling it, and setting you free to evolve the way nature - your soul - intended. In divine right timing, divine right order and divine right balance. Ascension and true healing is an ongoing process. 

I am a facilitator of sessions but it is my (and your) guides which perform and/or instruct the work. I am in service to God and your higher self - witnessing via remote viewing, holding space and translating whatever he/she/it deems necessary to do and reveal at the time. In this way, as highly individualized work, sessions take on many forms. 


The process begins with listening to what you'd like addressed, opening the space and stepping outside of space and time together to begin clearing your field and bringing your light body into balance and cohesion. Again, once we begin the work, anything can happen - what I've described is just for initial context.

Sessions are conducted in person or over Facetime or Skype. Prices are as follows:

60 - 75 minutes : $100

90 - 105 minutes : $144

 Sessions are paid for prior to the session via Zelle or PayPal using my email:

Get in touch to book a session. 


Thank you and blessings on your journey 💓


I've had the pleasure of 3 sessions with Jessica. Each time she was able to help me refocus and recharge (literally had me charging during one of our sessions because of my depleting energy). It was great to have the sessions at convenient times for me, in the comfort of my own home. I have been able to work through challenges stemming from an unhealthy work environment and have also gained knowledge of my spirit animal and how it helped and continues to help me through challenging times. 

Jenny, Cleveland 10/20/20