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pattern making & breaking

Last year, I developed to capacity to sense holographic architecture or what I sometimes refer to as ‘light skeletons’ behind structured matter. Essentially, these holograms are the base architecture everything in matter is holographically projected in or onto. This architecture upholds and facilitates the function and flow of energy which permeates everything on a quantum level. 


What I notice is that some holograms are organic and others are inorganic, artificial. When structures in our hologram are organic, the flow of energy is fluid and unobstructed. Meaning whatever is being animated, whether it be something we consider solid or ‘alive’ (there is no such thing as inanimate anything), it is able to function at its optimal rate of exchange between it and the environment.


When the holographic architecture of something is inorganic on the other hand, energy becomes trapped and pockets of static accumulate and create density. A macro way to think about this is Feng shui, which presents a three-dimensional coherence of space using solid objects (furniture). When someone is not applying the basic principles of Feng Shui in their home, you may find it uncomfortable and unable to relax there, without knowing why. 


This basic principles of Feng shui apply on a quantum level and in this way, I’ve come to work on patterns, which influence the energy flow on a particulate level. This phenomena can also be observed in crop circles, which hold mathematically precise codes and angles which generate certain effects within and above the earth. 


By creating organic patterns that are life-generating, we create more harmonious spaces internally and externally as we are all really one with our environment. Organic patterns, like organ generators, can harmonize space and create certain moods because of their vibration. Frequencies of light enter the atmosphere and change the particulate matter of it. Good vibes are real! So are bad vibes, which can always be transformed. 


So, by anchoring in multidimensional codes into my consciousness, I channel what I receive into design patterns for various environments, some for designated locations and specific purposes. 


I also do custom designs for floor tiling, business wall backdrops and murals, and branding for conscious-focused companies. 

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