Brand Identity, Content Strategy & Development

I started working with BOLT just as founder Ryan Breslow stepped down as CEO and handed the position to Maju Kuruvilla. I was tasked with developing Maju Kuruvilla’s public persona and social media identity while also strategizing the delineation of Bolt’s three main social accounts: BOLT (company), Ryan Breslow (Founder) and Maju Kuruvilla. To do this, I conducted interviews with Maju and the team’s marketing staff to create three distinct channels of content, where overlapping messages could be shared through three unique perspectives. From there, I managed and developed Maju’s and Bolt’s social media content and collaborated with ghostwriters on Ryan Breslow’s famous tweetstorms. 

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Content Strategy, Email & Social Media Marketing

My work for integrative Health and Wellness advocate and author, Dr. Wayne Jonas, included managing and developing his social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), writing and planning his monthly newsletter content and creating an offshoot program and resource site, How We Heal (launching in 2023). I also curated the topics of his bi-weekly blogs posts to coincide with current events, trending topics and the latest research in alternative and integrative health and wellness. To further extend his reach, I began curating a bi-monthly Facebook Live Series, selecting relevant peers to have as guests and creating promotional materials. During my time on the account, his followers and engagements increased consistently each month.



Content Strategy & Development

Like the name and content of the book, the launch of venture capitalist John Doerr's book on climate change was initiated just 2 months prior to its release date. After developing a video highlighting key concepts and goals outlined in the book, our focus turned to social. In addition to creating informative, action-orientated memes and video clips, our main task was keeping track of the enormous influx of media coverage the book received after its launch–ensuring all press was captured, responded to, and funneled into the book's social channels to drive sales. Only one month after its launch, Speed & Scale became a WSJ bestseller. 

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Content Strategy & Development

For the launch of The Age of AI And Our Human Future – an epic and expansive collaboration between Henry A. Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher – we were tasked with presenting the book in a way that not only generated engagement, but also captured the attention of those without a pre-existing interest or knowledge of the topic. The largest campaign asset was a teaser video, filmed documentary-trailer style, which highlighted each author and their area of expertise. We also created an interactive website, featuring a timeline tracking the advancement of AI throughout history. To accompany the many media interviews the authors were engaged in before and after the launch, we created a series of thought-provoking memes, highlighting the complex questions addressed in the book.

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Creative direction - Copywriting

I jumped into the ADUHELM HCP account to help develop product brochures, congress materials and MOA concepts for this newly-approved treatment for Alzheimer's. 

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AREA 23 - NY, NY


Creative direction - Copywriting

I joined the Emgality team just as the brand gained a new indication – for cluster headaches in addition to migraines. Much of my work was focused on creating charts, graphics and key claims for new safety and efficacy data. A highlight was jumping from HCP to DTC and working on storyboards for the 'Movie Time' spot below. I also worked closely with UX to restructure and rewrite the entire Emgality for migraine global website.

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Freelance - NY, NY

Integrated campaign concept & strategy - Creative Direction - Copywriting

Accor Hotels needed a seasonal campaign to award their members. They wanted to honor their loyalty and increase overall engagement. I came up with 31 Thank You's, an integrated campaign encouraging members to login daily to earn prizes, discounts from partners and a chance to win a trip to Tahiti. The campaign was such a success in 2017, it became an annual event. 

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Freelance - NY, NY

Brand analysis, strategy and guidelines - Creative Direction - UX - Copywriting

My design partner and I were approached by Elevate YP founder, who had a great business plan but no idea where or how to start marketing it. And so I began my first independent brand-launch, starting at ground zero. The first step was conducting market analysis and using those insights to develop a brand strategy. Afterwards, my partner and I presented branding and messaging guidelines and began building out the site - designing, copywriting and configuring navigational UX from scratch. 

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Creative Direction - Copywriting

Under new management, the XERMELO account was in need of a campaign that could not only be the focal point of an updated website, but could also carry, and help shape, brand messaging for years to come. XERMELO treats carcinoid syndrome, a condition that causes debilitating diarrhea. The lives of those suffering from it grow increasingly small as the condition worsens and become centered around the accessibility and proximity to a bathroom. 'I'm in control' embodied the hope and possibility of regained freedom the treatment aimed to provide - over plans, activities, and life in general. We used this campaign to create recipe videos, a guide to help patients gauge the amount of control they feel they have in their lives and discussion guides to help them feel more empowered at doctor's visits. 

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