Hear yourself, heal yourself
: a workshop in sonic body consciousness :

Your being is an ancient tradition. Tap into it’s wisdom by harnessing the power of vocalized, intuitive movement.


BODY TALK was in part inspired by the Magical Passes : a series of movements, detailed in Carlos Castenada’s book of the same name, originally discovered by shamans of ancient Mexico for the redeployment of energy. To the shamans, power could be trapped outside the body, or become crusted onto a person’s energetic field - inaccessible and therefore, useless. The magical passes enabled a manipulation or adjustment of the field to allow the power to flow to its rightful place : within the individual. They were used not so much as exercise but more as way to beckon power and achieve a higher state of consciousness and wellbeing. Some of them Series of Magical Passes are often integrated into the warm-ups of BODY TALK.

While BODY TALK shares similar goals to the Magical Passes and incorporates a few key series as part of the warm-up, the foundation and method reflect issues and energetic imbalances more related to our current times. Mostly, that power may not necessarily just be trapped outside of our bodies, but instead, stuck within. This, in part, can be connected to the way technology has infiltrated our energetic fields — our smart phones and screen devices acting as a sort of mirrored vacuum to our innate power that would otherwise, as in the past, be projected outwards and ideally, reciprocated. The movements in BODY TALK are meant to draw in stagnant energy, stir it up from within and then pull it outwards — illuminating and enlivening the energetic body.


Integrating sound and motion accomplishes this, and other benefits, in a few ways. First, it makes us more conscious of Newton’s Law as it relates to our own bodies : that every action as an equal and opposite re-action. We develop ways to tune into (and guide) that re-action till the action and reaction are synced. In other words, we learn to align intentions with actions. When you understand, through active listening, that everything you do reverberates >> can resonate >> and therefore matters << life becomes inherently more meaningful.Your consciousness grows. Your movements become more precise. Sex gets better. Life gets better. Essentially, you become more ‘you’, but more alive.


BODY TALK can be conducted in groups or one-on-one. The only requirement is having enough space - about the size of a yoga mat for each participant - and freedom to (ideally) get loud. Get in touch to set up a workshop at your studio, home or workplace.

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