Reprogramming mind control

Seeing code to break code : victim victimizer (VV) software

The image below - PUSHKARA K - is a holographic representation of victim victimizer (VV) software. This is a prevalent form of mind control used by the negative alien agenda (NAA) / controller forces used to keep thoughts > selves > lives compartmentalized and compacted >> cut off from source.

My guides revealed PUSHKARA K to me this summer. I knew this wasn't a healing code because of how off-putting it felt. It made my heart constrict and after creating it as guided, I kind of just left it. Months later, I noticed a similar pattern show up in a colleague's work on mind control and compartmentalization. Which lead me to revisit and complete the initial task of de-coding the code.

Visually, the code is off-putting because it slices and off-centers the centers. Fracturing and fragmenting the wholes. It does this on all levels of the spiritual being, originating in the mind and then manifesting outwards.

Most of us have / had some form of this software running in various degrees of severity our entire lives. It is pulsed and broadcasted through mass media and scalar wave technology to reinforce and perpetuate the holographic pattern in our minds. Key signatures of the software to begin recognizing are : self doubt, fear, rushing, self sabotage / procrastination, pleasure at another's expense or downfall and the desire to control others. Essentially, any thought that keeps you isolated, scared and in a state of anxiety and separation. Think everything you see on the news.

Recognize that every time experience thoughts of this nature, it is not 'you', it is a program that has become activated in your mind.

These low vibrational thoughtforms are inorganic to humans and can be deactivated. My guides have given me symbols to do this. If you are a visual person, this could work for you too. This becomes easier when you can start reading and categorizing the energetic signatures of all things. For example, these are the headlines that appear on the news tab of my browser. What is the underlying sentiment behind them: constriction or expansion > fear or love?

Because we are still living in a bi-polar society, the options remain this basic and can be represented as an either/or, like the images below. One separates, the other unites. The media intentionally uses fear to keep us in a state of panic and worry. So we become mistrusting of ourselves and the world - thinking both to be unsafe places to inhabit. Reading or engaging with media of this kind is no longer tempting because I know immediately how it will make me feel - victimized and tormented by a relentlessly punishing world.

VV software also originates in our childhood and educational programming, the latter a main force of early disempowerment and victimization. Creating and cementing thought patterns of helplessness and being at the mercy of authority figures. Rather than self-sovereign, free and unified with fellow human beings.

The more you recognize these thoughts for what they are - anti-human technological weapons - the easier it becomes to replace them with and locate natural human sentiments of unity and love.

Reprogramming instructions

Stare at this gif for 5 minutes everyday for a week with the intention to override VV software with love and unity. State that intention out loud before you begin.

Repeat every time you feel yourself succumbing to a downwards thought spiral - disconnected from your true self and power as a divine being and in a state of worry / anxiety.

This works on a subconscious level, where programming and de-programming happens.

My first few days doing this, I felt things physically shifting and dismantling in my brain, a swelling and jangling sensation. It also felt jarring and kind of nauseating to look at first, but the results have been worth it. Namely, breaking free from cage-like thought patterns that limit my life in myriad ways.

Try it, nothing to lose besides worries :)

Happy reprogramming!