On the vesica pisces

My prayer and hope on election day, architecturally...

To move from the vesica pisces to a trinitized form.

What is the vesica pisces?

A looping consumptive modeling structure which feeds on itself without creating new life. A unit of polarity. A deeply engrained architectural structure that exists within our mental and physical bodies - penetrating the deepest layers of brains and the way we relate to ourselves and each other. Namely, the mainstream view of separation. Of there existing a 'me' and a 'you'. The vesica pisces is this mentality in a structural form - something visible when viewing our holographic architecture.

We have the opportunity to dismantle and override this faulty structure within ourselves and the planetary field. This would mean overriding a way of thinking and being that keeps us separated from source. Our higher selves, each other. And because of the theme today, in generic categories such as Democrat and Republican, male and female, human and non-human. These categories are in direct conflict with the Law of One - the (ideally) embodied reality of unity - and keep humans in a slave class founded and dependent upon this disconnection from self and source, or the unified zero point.

The zero point can be considered the station of the trinitized form - what is created by transcending these polarities and moving to something new, beyond the split. The elections matter if we let them matter. On a higher level, transcending parties and archaic thought and belief patterns, we can make whatever we want, together. We don't have to remain stuck in the mud of duality which hurts ourselves and what we consider separate from ourselves. When we enter the zero point, we enter a space beyond time, beyond matter. That is everything and nothing at the same time. And this point is IN ourselves. The seat of this point rests at the thymus. Meditate on entering and knowing this point - meet your god self there and begin creating a new reality.

The frequencies on the planet now, more than ever, support the choice of transcending via integrating polarities given to each individual. This gif was made to help me cement the new architecture within my brain, syncing and uniting the left and right hemispheres, my masculine and feminine, my shadow and light, etc TOGETHER to form something new and infinitely more complex. We are more than capable of living in a unified structure that supports our complexity and magical human potential rather than suppresses it.

Transcending the vesica pisces is about choice. Choosing new is more difficult simply because it's unknown > uncertain and therefore defaults to 'scary' or 'risky'. Luckily we have the backdrop of running in loops on repeat for 26,000 years to use as a catalyst for change. If we want to, and if we want to.

I do!