Name change + harmonic resonance

Everything in matter holds/is a blueprint.

Names are blue prints that function as sound wave patterns in audible form and containers as templated or textual forms for consciousness to flow into, or through.

During my spiritually awakening, it was necessary for me to change my name in order to receive new activation codes that I didn’t feel my first name ‘Jessica’ was able to receive. In addition, I’d gone mostly be Jess, which to me, had carried an energetic signature too closely association with the words ‘yes’ and ‘guess’. Because I had to work on creating stronger boundaries in relationships and interactions, I wanted to move to something that was in closer alignment to ‘no’ and ‘knowing’. For this reason, I switched to using my middle name, Eve.

Eve served this purpose phonetically. It is firmer, with no round sounds or letters and the ‘v’ served as an audible and visible stake in the ground. Something necessary and comforting at a time when my life was growing increasingly chaotic by a complete dismantling of my outer and inner worlds. ‘Eve’ also helped anchor in higher frequencies, which Jess, in templated form, was not able to hold.

Eventually, Eve began to feel static - unmovable. I missed the lightness of having and ‘a’ at the end of my name. So I switched to Eva - a name I’d been translated to in South America and India - which felt like a natural combination of Jessica + Eve.

Like Eve, Eva served to anchor in frequencies which may have been difficult using my other two names. At this point in time, with the return of or the induction of Sophianic frequencies onto our planet - which are bringing online the female principle in a way we have not experienced - I feel it is necessary to revert back to my original full name template: Jessica Eve Prusa. This has to do with the Vesica Pisces regaining it’s organic structural integrity and the embodiment of higher states of my identity, accelerated and facilitated by the Sophianic frequencies. So, to be in alignment with all transpiring, I’ll now be using my full name, Jessica.

And side note on name changes during spiritual awakenings:

This is just one explanation of name changes. On another level of identity, I felt I had to dissociate with my first name because it had been used for a person I no longer was. Severing this tie with my first name also helped create energetic distance between those who had called me Jess/ica - people who, besides my family, were no longer in my life for what at the beginning of my awakening, felt like painful reasons.

As the ascension wave grows taller and wider, I imagine name changes will become increasingly common with more and more people waking up to themselves in varying ways.

Which brings me to VARY.SITE - my new / old digital template. I bought this domain in 2018 without knowing what it was for. Like my names, I’ve struggled to find a templated form to hold all that I am as well as all that I do AND all I will become, which is, in essence, the same thing. I don’t know if vary will hold forever, but for now, it is serving as a vast enough container to house content and context for my work, which as always, is varied and constantly evolving.

My full name is Jessica Eve and before my awakening, I'd gone by Jess. A part of my growth has been setting up much firmer boundaries in all my interactions and relationships. Jess, in this way, began resonating too close to 'yes'. When I was working to be more about KNOWing and NOing So I switched to my middle name, Eve. This felt firmer - the 'v' being like a stake in the ground. Maybe helping me anchor in higher frequencies hehe. Eve worked for sometime and then began to feel static. And I missed the lightness of having an 'A' at the end of my name. So I switched to Eva - what I'd been translated to in South America and India - which felt like a natural combination of the 2.

On top of this being hard to manage and keep track of, I've most recently felt I'm energetically able to hold 'Jessica' in a way I was averse or unwilling to before, likely because of parental rebellion patternings. And also that my full name is necessary - Jessica Eve Prusa - to be used as part of my harmonic blueprint, the template for my consciousness to fully flow into.