Spring Cleaning 2020 : Spiritual Warfare

We've been programmed for mind control. Mass enslavement. A war over the human body has been waged by dark forces who need us numb and dumb and operating at a fraction of our full capacity to remain in power.

FAR OUT! But sadly, true.

Let's talk about 'emotional blocks.’

Issues you cannot resolve no matter how long you go to therapy. No matter how many different modalities you've tried. No matter how long you meditate, pray, sage, etc you cannot move past your blocks.



They do not have a conscious connection with you or your memory. They are not the result of suppressed trauma. Meaning they are not stored from events that occurred in this life, or any of your past lives. These blocks are not yours and were put there for the purpose of control. Keeping you sedated, confused and tripping over yourself. Keeping you in a loop of questioning your own reality and experiences, attempting to align current problematic behaviors / thought patterns with events that either never took place or could only be loosely, causally linked to the issue at hand, that you're trying to resolve.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE WASTE OF ENERGY. It’s also painful. An insidious mechanism that works to destabilize your consciousness on multiple levels simultaneously, by:

1. Wasting time and resources in a never ending quest to heal yourself

2. Draining you of mental energy that would otherwise go towards CREATION, which is the key to progress and personal EVOLUTION

3. Lowering your self esteem by instilling a perpetual reinforcement loop of inadequacy - not being able to solve your own problems, enjoy your life or make anything happen. Which leads to the spiral of depression, low quality of life and despair.

I call this zombie life.

When you are stuck in a cycle of self doubt and sabotaging behaviors, it is not possible to create a better future. Because it's not possible to even imagine one. You cannot want something that isn’t on your radar. Confusion and doubt kill creativity, imagination and desire.

These seemingly endless, unpenetratable blocks - emotional, mental, physical or energetic are not all a result of faulty or inadequate human/authority figure (parental) conditioning. These blocks are more insidious and often run deeper than that BECAUSE they are not human in makeup. They transcend human intelligence and are therefore undetectable by any standard or alternative therapeutic methodology. They fly below the radar because they originate below the radar.

Note: childhood trauma can leave you susceptible to these psychic attacks, manifesting as blocks. When you’re young, in a vulnerable state and not getting what you need, ie: care, attention, help, etc, you are unknowingly broadcasting this lack out into the universe. This creates space for an intrusion, an opportunity for an foreign, and at times malevolent entity, to attach itself to your being and begin feeding off and fucking with your energy. They answer your unconscious call and never leave. So while childhood trauma may leave you more susceptible to these intruders, it’s not a necessary condition. They also attach at random.

There are dark forces in the universe that have severely fucked with human DNA. With our minds. The rabbit hole is endless. What I can tell you now from my experience in healing work is that the astral realm is full of entities that have attached themselves to individuals to drain them of energy and keep them down, stuck. Most often these are individuals whose purpose it is to raise the collective vibration in this lifetime to prepare for the cosmic shift in consciousness already taking place. Essentially, light workers. These people are particularly prone to psychic attack because their work goes against the dark force's agenda. They are a threat.

I have been mapping the astral realm and these are my findings. It is pertinent that we start countering these attacks as much as we can, by any means we can. We don't have much at our disposal at the moment. I am working on this.

Which is where this animation comes in. The thing about these blocks / energetic entanglements is that THEY MUST LEAVE when ordered to. But in order to leave, they must be identified. And to identify them, it is necessary to let light in. In this case, light forces from the 9th dimension, represented by the green and pink shapes, entering your field and physical body from above.

Once these shapes enter your field, they will illuminate any blocks and as a result, cause them to leave. This is a lite version of (a fraction of) the work I do, in lieu performing individual and group healing sessions 24/7. Watching the animation will begin programming your unconscious to continually allow light in to remove what IS NOT YOURS. It's like having a zoom vac running on autopilot in your field, clearing away debris that deprive you of life force energy.

Integrating this light into your field also protects against future intrusions.

Like anything else in existence, the functionality of this lies in attention. Energizing this thoughtform into reality by actively engaging with it. It doesn't have to be long. Your subconscious will recognize the language and begin doing the work on its own.

Happy spring cleaning!