Healing as evolving

Healing is a non-linear multidimensional process that involves clearing your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies of various debris. Healing goes hand in hand with spiritual development or ‘awakening’ which progresses in levels. The more you heal, the more you feel > the more you sense. As your sensitivity increases, you will gain awareness to more subtle aspects of your being. You will discover that as you heal, these more subtle aspects of yourself also need healing - to undergo the same process of transmutation so you can keep evolving. Which happens in stages of clearing, which is just creating space for more consciousness to enter your multilayered body.

So we can think of healing as evolving. We can even go as far as to use these terms interchangeably. One cannot happen without the other.

We are in a process of integrating higher energetic frequencies into our planet and bodies. As these new energies enter our sphere, they bring up what needs to be cleared out. Another way: as your being makes contact with higher vibrational fields of energy, the parts of you that are of a lower vibration and therefore not a vibrational match to these upgraded fields will be brought to the surface for you to address. This can feel like deja-vu only this time - hopefully, with conscious awareness - you can choose to act differently and therefore end whatever cycle or behavioral pattern that has impeded your evolution. Sometimes this requires extra help. Especially when it needs to be processed through your body.

As a starseed who signed up for an enormous karmic load - mentally and physically - the first five years of my awakening was basically spent at various doctors, therapists and alternative healing clinics, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Nothing was ‘wrong’ per se, I was just integrating higher frequencies into my being at an accelerated pace and was therefore being flooded with unresolved personal, ancestral and multidimensional traumas that required immediate attention. This process of awakening - thanks to these higher frequencies - will begin to be experienced by many of you at this time. Some of you will experience this emotionally more than physically or vice versa. So I want to share some modalities that have helped me heal the multi-dimensional layers of myself.

Again, this process is non-linear but I will keep my list in chronological order for evolutionary context. I’ve returned to much of what’s listed below, over and over again. Or in many cases, ie: yoga, fully integrated it into my daily life.


Residing in your body

Our culture is trained to dwell only in our mind, leaving half of our selves out of our lives. If you are going to transcend your current limitations of consciousness and wellbeing, your WHOLE SELF has to be involved. Yoga is an incredible way to start integrating ALL of you into your life. Yin in particular was transformational in gaining access to and working through huge stores of emotional residue stored in my physical body, (ie: left hip).


A bridge to your subconscious

Whatever you create is autobiographical. Drawing without limits, rules or an agenda creates the conditions for your subconscious to come forth. If you have trouble accessing or expressing your feelings, drawing this way can be profound because it usurps your conscious mind. If you give yourself total freedom with no ‘shoulds’ or expectations from your mind, you can get to deep truths regarding your emotional state fast, which can often surprise you.

Ie: I made this feeling ‘fine’ after an uneventful day at work :P

VARIATION: sync your line movements to music

If you cannot get out of your head to draw calmly, try listening to avant grade jazz (to break repetitive thought patterns) or minimal electronic music (to calm inner chaos with predictable repetitive beats). Synchronize your pen movements to a beat or bass line of choice or in the case of unpredictable cacophonous jazz, any catchable ‘syllable’ of sound. You can use whatever music your drawn to really. The point is you’re syncing with that energetic vibration to create new thought patterns somatically - via a mind body brain connection. This process was the backbone of one of my largest bodies of line work.


A conversation with your subconscious

Same principle as drawing. I integrated this into my practice when my relationship to my emotions and subconscious took on a more familiar and approachable tone - meaning, I wasn’t totally terrified of myself. Which isn’t to say the results were not often surprising (the depths of our selves is nothing short of incredible). Again, when done with absolute freedom, this tool allows you to learn A TON about yourself, and fast.

Optional tip: For a more focused session of automatic expression process, try adding an intention to direct your energy towards clarity or solving a particular problem, ie: show me what I need to see.


A conversation with your subconscious and someone else

While I think traditional psychotherapy is becoming somewhat outdated and cannot really keep up with the rate of conscious expansion, it is always helpful to have a sounding board for your woes. And I’ve found therapists trained in Jungian psychology to be highly intelligent, creative and more multidimensional in their approach to untangling issues than therapists who practice CBT or generalized talk therapy. This method also provides a great education in dream interpretation and symbolism.


Socializing with all your senses

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and vibration. Slowing you down physically and mentally. Killing brain cells and literally making you more dense. (Why else would it be so accepted and promoted in our current death culture?) I was a social drinker in my early twenties but stopped almost completely after a hiatal hernia in 2014. This completely changed my life. I could write a whole blog post on ‘why complete sobriety’ but will condense here to: time, resources, consciousness and energy. Remember, you have to feel to heal - any numbing agents are deviations and prolong suffering.


Voodoo on your meridians

Needling works holographically - correcting issues and creating space on a physical and etheric plane by opening blocked energetic channels. It’s like concentrated stillness. Having parts of your body come back online. It doesn’t hurt.


trigger point therapy

For particularly dense muscular knots and holding patterns, this needling technique goes deep inside the tissue, causing small spasms. This facilitates a sort of reset within the muscle. You can call ahead to see if any acupuncturists at your clinic have been trained in this technique. (This does hurt but if you need this, it means your pain threshold us already high so it will be NBD.)

gua sha / cupping

Both can be requested at your acupuncturists. Improves circulation, reduces inflammation - more relief for chronic pain.

panther paw

Another Chinese medicine technique. Incredibly effective for emotional release.

Panther paw process: a practitioner round fists in between your rib cage as you inhale deeply lying on your back. This can be done at home with a traditional wooden ball or, less painfully, with a large tennis ball available at pet stores.

DIY process: put the ball on the ground, lay down with it positioned in between your ribs and breath into that space. It is a rush and a huge clearing.


Relief covered by health insurance

Physical therapy can mean massages and in some cases, acupuncture sessions, that are covered by your health insurance. PT introduced me to the tens machine, which electronically stimulates knotted areas for pain management at home. You can buy them on amazon for around $30.


Repatterning through sound

Transference of healing sound waves from bowls/gongs to body. Can be experienced in groups or individually. If you have a lot of pain, group sessions probably won’t do much. I recommend buying your own bowl, placing it on your chest (heart center) and gonging yourself to sleep. This helped me settle and release chaotic energies left over from the day and drown out mind chatter. Can also be used as targeted therapy - placing the bowl on or next to problem areas.


The holy grail

Everyone has to learn to meditate. To evolve and know yourself are the same thing. This requires being still with yourself. There are a million ways into a meditative practice. Transcendental Meditation (TM) worked best for me while living in a city because it was simple and manageable time commitment (20 minutes 2x/day). This practice literally opened me up to new dimensions of consciousness within months.


Hear yourself, heal yourself

I call this practice BODYTALK, and give workshops in the method. Like writing and drawing, your body will start to self correct when given the freedom / chance to make intuitive movements. Being guided by your voice - whistling, humming, screaming, enhances the practice tenfold. Putting you in sync with yourself in a way perhaps no other physical practice can.


Foundational practice of soul work and repair

Can involve removal of energy-draining entities, retrieval of power animals and soul parts and getting your physical and etheric bodies into a state capable of holding higher frequencies. In my experience, shamans work on 1-4 dimensions, or planes of your multilayered consciousness. These aspects of you are necessary to clear before you can move into (and remain in) higher states of awareness. Which isn’t to undermine their work - more to understand the difference between spiritual healing practices. Etheric surgeons - people who can sense and navigate these higher realms of being - are more equipped to work with 5 -15 dimensional energies.


Minimize your surroundings

Throwing away or donating any possession you haven’t touched, utilized or worn in the past year or longer. This process as ongoing. Outer clutter = inner chaos.


Reclaim your sanity

Severely restricting or eliminating completely ALL media from your daily life - social media, shows, articles, images, etc. Try it for a week. The longer you go, the less you’ll want it back. It’s like eating real food versus cheetos. Its the same energetic imprint of empty calories that take up space and clog your consciousness.

You have to feel to heal. You also have to HEAR yourself. You cannot connect with yourself intimately (know yourself) when you have MILLIONS of data bytes made by OTHER PEOPLE running through your system. The majority of which are made by people who intentionally WANT to run your system to keep mass consciousness enslaved with numbing and dumbing thought programs. I digress…


Shamanistic solitude

Going into isolation in the jungle with a (non-psychoactive) master plant distillation prepared by a shaman for a set period of time (10, 14, 28+ days). You’re eating 2 meals/day of unsalted rice, yucca or potato and then must follow a post-dieta food plan for around twice as long as your actual dieta. You also can’t use any products, like toothpaste or soap, so the river becomes a shower and you become very familiar with who you are - and what you smell like - in a way normally off limits in ‘functional’ society.

One of the main benefits of this, in my opinion, was being able to live in the middle of nowhere and not worry about food (arrangements are made with someone in the community to leave your meals in a certain place at a certain time).


real highs for real lows


Once your body gets to a state of less anxiety and reduced physical toxicity, the desire will diminish dramatically. And the awareness of the energetic signature of tobacco (especially in pre-rolled cigarettes) will become more apparent, making quitting quite easy. After 15 years, I knew I was never going to quit because I should. I ended up quitting when and because I wanted to.


Weed can get you into feeling. It can be a door to heightened states of awareness but since you cannot actually stay in these states, the experiences you have while high do not become integrated into your being. You can’t hold them. On the flip side, it can also open (like any psychoactive drug) you up to delusions of the astral realm and psychic attack. For me it was a medicinal pain bandaid which took my mind away from reality and therefore, further away from true healing. Of course everyone is different and I’m sure it can be beneficial to a lot of people. I speak from my own experience - as someone on a cosmic assignment to become as whole as possible in this incarnation. If you feel that’s your path too, drugs will naturally fall to the wayside.


Abstinence in the city

If we were educated in the largeness and multidimensional nature of our beings, NO ONE would be having loveless sex. Doing so is like entering a stranger through his/her mouth, wiggling around inside their entire body for a while and coming out with a lot of their stuff - memories, entities, ancestral patterns, etc - now covering you. If you are holding more light than the other person, you will be the one more covered during the exchange. Your chakras will now hold their vibrations and patternings. Sex is cording to another individual. Ever wonder why you can’t get someone out of your mind even if the sex was bad and you didn’t like them? BC THEY ARE LITERALLY STUCK ON YOU.

We have been brainwashed into casual sex by the media, controlled by the main drivers of our death culture, to keep us fragmented, alone and emotionally bereft so we seek out more and more distractions, like sex. So, you cannot f*ck your pain away, which is an obvious bummer but if you’re serious about healing, you cannot be further fragmenting yourself out like that. It’s soooo not worth it.

[side note on addictions

Reliance on anything external to feel okay, or even to quell your pain, means you are not free. True healing requires fully feeling yourself as you are now, so you can figure out the ‘why’ behind your pain. This can be excruciating and seemingly endless but in my experience, a prolonged hell is better than an ongoing prison.]


You decide when to touch your phone

See blog post on how and why to create better boundaries with your phone and social network.


The body as a living system

Where and whenever possible of course. My system has rejected anything inorganic and experienced huge relief when these were extracted:


Despite warnings from my higher self and universe, I got the Paraguard (copper) IUD inserted in 2014 - at a stressed out/overworked/very low point in my life. My body rejected it immediately but I kept it in. It had terrible psychological effects, reported by many other women. We are not cyborgs. The energetic imprint of this form of birth control is simply violence against women. And note, anything that’s free to the public and heavily promoted is sadly but truly, probably trying to kill/harm you.

root canal

Having a root canal leaves dead matter in your mouth, prone to infection. A root canal can also cause an interference field - a circumstance where the related wiring of your nervous system becomes obstructed, like a dead zone. Which can cause an array of symptoms like muscular spasms, tightness, facial twisting, etc. Many holistic dentists are no longer performing root canals for this reason. You can learn more about the dangers of root canals in this documentary.


Numbing to reset

An injection of local anesthetics (like procaine or lidocaine) is injected into areas of disturbance like nerves, scars, glands, acupuncture points or places where you’re experiencing chronic pain. In my case, it was used to correct the interference field created by my tooth. This is practiced more commonly in Western Europe and South America and unfortunately still quite expensive in the states despite the relatively low cost of anesthetics. Practitioners, ie: holistic dentists, also use neural therapy as a proactive healing tool - injecting a site prior to doing any work that involves incisions and stitches.


System upgrade

Injecting ozone gas into your bloodstream via IV or locally to strengthen your immune system, disinfect and/or treat disease. This can also be administered through your rectum or vagina. My experience at IV ozone clinics involved mostly other women suffering from the effects of environmental and life/society toxins which is often described as chronic fatigue syndrome. Its affects are revitalizing and harmonizing. Unfortunately, like most alternative therapies, this is still expensive, around $170/IV session.


Neutralizing imbalances

Placing magnetic pairs (ceramic magnets) on certain areas of the body to kill parasites and/or fix a myriad of other health issues. This method cleared me of chronic UTIs, among other less noticeable pathogen-causing issues in my body. Popular in Mexico/South America. Cheap, effective and easy to learn.


Intuitive rebalancing

Apart from this book, most of my work/research in magnet therapy has been self directed. After being introduced to biomagnetism in South America, I began experimenting with using magnets for pain management at home. I’d place ceramic and eventually neodymium magnets on my bed (negative side facing up) during sleep, which helped me relax. There are also magnetic mattress pads for this. Eventually, I started taping magnets to certain painful areas of my body to increase circulation. And then, on my third eye, which I found helpful in quelling the energetic noise I’d feel cerebrally while working on a computer and also during sleep. So magnets have become a kind of shield for me, from psychic interference. And bonus - wearing a magnet on your third eye causes brow lines to disappear. Egyptians used to do this :) 23. POLARITY

Body as a tuning fork

A relatively new modality of body work that involves the facilitator kind of standing as a neutral conduit to get your body into a state of balance, by placing their hands on different parts of your body. Simply and surprisingly powerful.


Channeling higher energies

Foundational energy work practice that involves laying hands on or over client to direct healing energies into chakras and/or problem areas. Can also be done over distance.


Ionizing interference fields

Used for thousands of years, this method involves placing mud on scars as well as hands and feet. The idea is that the positively charged toxins are attracted to the negatively charged clay, which draws out the toxins. So the process is detoxification and helping to establish normal energetic flow in the body through its bioenergetic field.


Animal-free consumption

Improving digestion and much more, it can easily become a lifestyle. Eating raw vegan is also great way to prepare for a fast. It re-sensitizes your system to prefer real, nutrient-dense food and naturally avoid artificial ingredients and white sugar/flour products.

And if you haven’t experimented with avoiding gluten, starting there could be a nice gateway into experimenting with veganism.

27. ISHA Foundation Programs

Mainstreaming conscious questing

ISHA Foundation is founded by yogi, Sadhguru. There are a million videos on youtube of this man, you’ve probably seen him. He was an inspiration to me at a certain time in my spiritual journey and I’m so thankful for the practices that he’s made available to the masses. The first training, which is a pre-requisite for his other programs is Inner Engineering . This initiates you into a 21 minute mudra/meditation practice. The other programs I took and can recommend:

Bhuta Shuddhi: mastering the elements

Angamardana: mastering the limbs (see video below)


Getting real clear

Re-educating your system by resetting it. Consuming only liquids is a great way to checkin with yourself physically and also mentally. At minimum, a powerful way to learn about yourself. I think the important thing about cleansing or fasting is ensuring you’re doing it out of self love versus self hate. If the energetic signature of your desire has anything to do with punishing yourself for past consumption, you should work on the inner punisher before you stop eating. In my experience, the line can be very thin.

Master cleanse: The lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper thing that everyone on the internet has different opinions about. I don’t regret any cleanse I’ve done, especially not this one, which was my first. Yeah it’s hard at first, but like a water cleanse, after day 3 or 4, you’re sailing. A great liver, palate and entire-system reset.

Juice: I’ve only juiced 3-4 days as a way to prep for a water fast. So I don’t have much to offer and after water fasting, am not sure I really see a point in any prolonged juice fast because your system never has a chance to go into ketosis or autophagy (‘self-devouring’ which in this case means eliminating dysfunctional cells, recycling parts of them to repair and clean your system).

Water fast: I was spiritually guided to water fast in the desert for 28 days. This is not for everyone and should be researched thoroughly first. I recommend this documentary to start getting a general overview. Also many people suggest doing it under supervision. I knew I didn’t want to be around (or see) another person during this so that wasn’t an option for me. Which is to say I made sure I knew exactly what to expect and when before embarking on this process.

Pros: a ton of emotional clearing, maybe 1-2 lifetimes of trauma/karma processing, repairing my body internally and giving it the complete rest it’d been longing for after drowning in work stress for 7 years. In general, like I mentioned above, this is a powerful way to really know yourself. Who you are with, in my case, literally nothing and no one around. I think food is an underestimated distraction. Yes it’s necessary for survival but it’s been so fetishized in our culture, it takes up far too much of our time, energy and resources. The fetishization of food is as bad as the fetishization of celebrities. Our life is about so much more than eating…

Cons: I lost 1/3rd of my hair in the following months because I was not as vigilant about my post-fast feeding schedule in the first month as I was about my fast. I also stopped menstruating for around 6 months.

And last, I lost an expected and considerable amount of weight, which if I’d started the fast any thinner, would have bordered on unhealthy. Since I didn’t do it for weight loss, I naturally returned to my starting weight after around 2 months.

So, if I were fasting for physical/health reasons rather than spiritual, I probably would have done it under medical supervision to avoid the hair and period loss.

Last, I loved not eating. If I didn’t live in a city, I’d be very into experimenting with Breatharianism (living off light alone, aka: Iendia). I sense food will become less and less a necessity during the ascension process, where we are shift out of our current densities. If you’re interested in Breatharianism, check out this documentary.


Indian holistic health

An ancient and complete science of treating illness and maintaining balance and wellbeing. Ayurveda involves identifying and working with your dosha, or physical and mental constitution. Just knowing your ‘type’ can give you a lot of insight into what kind of foods and exercises are most beneficial to your system. Common components of healing are dietary changes, massage, herbal supplements, and intestinal flushing. 26. Mudras


The world in your hands

Another complete science sourced from India (though also practiced in other regions), mudras are all about directing energy via hand gestures (hasta mudras) and body postures (kaya mudras). There is a gesture for every ailment. Mudras are surprisingly powerful and capable of transforming areas of your life. Out of all I learned while yoga training in India, mudras were the most profound and useful because they opened me up to the world of subtle energy systems. Systems I could then learn how to direct with my own hands. Every meditation session should involve a mudra. See book for more info.


Conscious thought reconstruction

Prayers in Sanskrit (also in all languages) though I prefer Sanskrit recitation because the effort involved in learning and integrating new phonetics into your sound bank is healing in and of itself. I find hidden magic in Sanskrit every time I engage with it. See this site for foundational mantras which helped transform and accelerate my spiritual growth. Recommend reciting using a japa mala (a beaded necklace with 108 used for counting) for somatic integration and improved concentration.


Prioritizing energetic health

Checking in with yourself after every social interaction you have and asking: ‘Am I energized or tired? Is that a pattern with this person/group of people or just this time?’ This is not easy. Because if you are sensitive and introverted and find that most people like being around you, it is usually because they are sucking on you. Anyone who holds a higher vibration is going to feel drained around people who have lower vibrations because their energy is harmonizing the space, raising the lower vibrations of others. Which is why you get drained and they get high. Does this mean you can’t hang out with anyone? No. It means intentionally letting go of voluntary relationships that drain you so you have space for those you are more of a vibrational match to. You will naturally have more in common, not feel drained and can therefore begin having fulFILLing relationships.


Mood boosters

In that ascending order :)

34. QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

Tracking soul evolution

A facilitator puts in you in a light hypnotic state, takes you through three of your past lives and then conducts an interview with your higher self. The interview involves questions you developed before the session - anything you want clarity on, from a higher perspective. Some remain completely conscious during this, others don’t. This was life-changing for me as it contextualized so many strange phenomena I’d experienced throughout my life and gave me insight into my multi-dimensional identity and reasons for incarnating at this time.


Inner child work + soul retrieval

Teal Swan is an encyclopedia of emotional truths, healing and wisdom. She has an incredible library of videos on youtube that explain SO MANY THINGS, from understanding akashic records to spotting faulty relationship patterns. I have so much love and respect for this woman! She developed a method of emotional/trauma healing you can do yourself called ‘The Completion Process’. It is essentially a blend of parts work, inner child work and shamanic soul retrieval. It works fast and is explained simply in her book of the same name. You can also find facilitators trained in this process here. My experience with one was profound and highly effective. I can’t recommend this work enough.


Healing ourselves = loving ourselves

We need healing because we haven’t learned how to love. Love has been distorted on a personal level and also within our collective. How can their be unconditional love in a self-serving society? It’s become a unicorn. Before we can share the gift of unconditional love with anyone, we have to give it to ourselves. And if you’re like most humans, that takes effort and practice. Try tucking yourself in every night with this gift.


Balancing cerebral spinal fluid

Hands on bodywork that soothes tension of the head, neck and back. The practitioner works with fascia and cerebral spinal fluid, making adjustments along your body to correct their flow. The effect is calming - a physical and emotional release and structural realignment. It’s subtle, powerful.


Ascension + protection

Practiced twice daily, this can change your life in weeks, maybe even days. Essentially, you are connecting to 12th dimensional energies which store your original divine blueprint. Meaning, the more you practice this technique, the more attuned your body will be to holding higher and higher frequencies, allowing you to ascend. Which means, gain access to increasing amounts of consciousness. This is active participation in your healing = evolution. For a ton of information and tools on how to do more of this, visit Energetic Synthesis.

I will stop here for your attention’s sake, though I could go on :) As stated in the intro, healing is ongoing because it is evolving. It is clearing. So I will keep this list updated as my system clears, updates and upgrades. I hope this is helpful in introducing you to the MYRIAD small and big ways you can work on yourself. We’re living in an incredible time, as witnesses and ACTIVE contributors to the upwards tilt of planetary and human consciousness. This shift is happening NOW, so the faster we get on board with it, the smoother the process will be on us - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Until next time friends - wishing you peace and pleasure in your journey!