Phones affect our bodies - how to protect yourself

A few nights ago, I had a dream where my phone caught on fire but didn’t burn (a sign of evil). I was hesitant to put out the flames until I remembered I’m on a leasing contract - that I don’t own my phone. There was no apparent damage but I took it to a repair shop to be sure. This appeared as a manufacturer’s office. There, I saw how the manufacturer had isolated each organ and every body part to correspond to different components of the phone - ie, the motherboard has a connection and corresponding response to the heart. What struck was the body awareness built into the devices - the manipulation of technology to control and harm humans.

Real life

At the end of 2015, after 3 years of iPhone use, I started feeling shooting pains in my hand whenever I picked up my phone. I brushed it off as psychosomatic and unconsciously started using it less and less. Activating 'silent mode' which mutes all notifications - and never taking it off. For the last five years, I've tried to distance myself from the device as much as possible. (I even tried flip phone life until my boss at the time threatened to fire me for not being available after hours).

At this point we all know we're being recorded -our every move, thought and spoken and written word. Plus the damage being caused by towers. And the impending damage from 5G. Can we fight back yet?

I'm not a scientist just a human with a highly sensitive system, whose body knows its physical proximity to the smart phone is detrimental to my health and well-being. So I share some practices which have helped mitigate the pain of reliance.

  1. Silent (moon) mode at all times. Unless you're expecting an important call.

  2. Turn off all visual notifications - not seeing 22 text message alerts until you're ready to lessens anxiety and provides a sense of having at least some control over your life

  3. Turn off cell and wifi data when you go to bed

  4. Delineate times of the day which you'll be checking your phone and notify necessary parties

  5. Take whole days or weeks off from touching your phone

  6. Go out without it - if you're running or walking and want music use an deactivated old phone as / or an MP3 player

  7. Create at least a double layer physical separation / barrier between you and your phone (ie, keep it in a case in a bag rather than in your pocket

  8. NO Bluetooth - again I'm offering science to back this up, only my experience of it making me physically unwell, knowing it screws with mitigating frequencies around me

Also check out Werner Herzong’s 2016 documentary, Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (2016), which spotlights - among many other topics - a community living off grid because their bodies can’t handle wireless signeals. These people are just more sensitive than most. We are all affected none the less, even if we can’t feel yet! The physical implications will only get worse with 5G. Check out Ben Stewart’s Esoteric Agenda 2 for more info on this.