Celebrity death stars

As light spreads across the planet, revealing the myriad forms of darkness that have stunted our evolution for the past 2,150 years, I’m stuck thinking about death. And since I’m living with someone who watches reality TV, celebrities.

First I want to talk about touching death to know life.

When there is nothing left to see that generates pain or pleasure, there is no fighting choice for life. It becomes a stain, a cross, each morning bearing the bad news of still breathing. When presented the option theoretically, my choice was always death. Not life. (It is one thing to live in the matrix, it is another to see it, and to not yet have access to enough personal power to do anything about it — but that’s another post.) Anyways breadcrumbs left by my suffocating soul would keep me here, year after year. Aware there was something larger at stake. Mostly, that if I took this life, I’d be sentenced to doing it all over again, under worse conditions.

The thing about death is that it is not permanent, if it’s not done right. If we die by the time we’re 90, from old age, but have the soul of an infant, we go on living. In another body of course, but the infant soul reincarnates until it doesn’t have to, until it grows up. There’s so much stopping it from growing up. Today I’m just going to cover the media — a system within a larger system. So why does the system want to keep us all infants?

Why not just wipe us all out?

What is the purpose of toying with children on their dying planet?

So we keep killing it and ourselves. So they don’t have to. And/or maybe playing a version of Christ as media puppet-master is one of their more creative outlets, or forms of entertainment. Anyways, by assuming the role of puppet-master, they allow some to advance incrementally, through large sums of money, so everyone’s eyes follow, attracted to their sheen. Celebrities as mini-Christs, who get to experience a version of their god-selves…with conditions.

This likely isn’t news to anyone. But stay with me.

Celebrities as death stars

Because they’re in the business of entertainment, their minds are constantly coopted by their reception. In America, the artist is nothing without an audience. Or driven mad without one. Or starving. Or invisible. A failure with a hobby. The annoying thing about artists in, or striving to be in, the limelight, is that they can’t get past themselves because their self is their currency. Their reception — an inherently external condition — is necessary to their survival. Which is their downfall, and keeps them from evolving. Keeps their soul in a state of arrested development.

Another angle: to remain relevant, one must dwell in the limelight. To dwell in the limelight, one must not evolve past one’s audience. Energetically, doing so would create a discrepancy in the vibrational patterns required to make one thing (celebrities) a match to another thing (their audience). With 90% of media outlets controlled by four corporations, the guardrails of the limelight are intentionally rigid, narrow. From a soul perspective, suffocating.

The death of the celebrity

They media feeds off attention. We all get that. The masses pay celebrities by giving them their lives, via their attention.

Viewers give life

Celebrities show life

Celebrities get bigger lives

Viewers give more life

Its a feedback loop, a transactional mirror of fantasy

Or, a human-centipedal shit cycle

Remember, it’s a condition of the celebrity and audience to operate within the narrow confines of the limelight in order to remain connected to one another. For clarity, a human-centipede is a chain of human beings, positioned on all fours, who have been stitched together, ass-to-mouth. I have ‘The Human Centipede’ film to thank for this image.

So, do you get that it’s only slightly better to be the first mouth when your anus is attached to another human’s mouth? And that in order to WALK, you NEED the body behind you to comply, to cooperate and sync movements. That in this system, the media is designed for human stasis and not movement. Not collapse either, just stillness. Celebrities, also on all fours, still have access to their necks and therefore a wider perspective — an ability to see, if they take their eyes off the food long enough, whose hand is holding it. And maybe, if they stretch, how its being cooked. The rest of us, being force fed through our stitched mouths, can only see their backs.

Note: The human centipede metaphor can be applied to EVERY system within the system, ie: the corporate chain of command, but for the scope of this article, we’ll stick with the media.

So this metaphor points to the compliance inherent in maintaining one segment of the centipede, or the other. In terms of breaking away, the food eaters — the celebrities — have more to lose. If they detach, they must find a new food source, get butt hurt, and learn how to exist without adoration, without billions of eyes attached to their every move.

The masses on the other hand, must also find a new food source. But isn’t any food source better than shit, regardless of how pretty the view is while eating? (One would hope!) Detachment would also involve face pain, and then having to retrain their mouths to be used for expression, after years of only swallowing. Not so bad, right?

Detachment for both segments results in mobility. Standing up right. Facing the farmer, the food handler, EACH OTHER. And then choosing which direction to go next.

Who do you think’s going to go first?

And here it’s necessary to bring up health. There is no separation between what steals our life (media) and what steals our health (corporations). They too are a feedback system, a snake swallowing its own tail looping around our planet, this country especially.

Think about it. If you were physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, there’s no way you’d waste precious moments of your life watching other people enact life.

Another way: if you VALUED your own life enough to make the most of this one, you would never have time for other people’s stories.

Which takes us back to the topic of dying, as infant or mature souls. An infant cannot provide for itself and therefore passively allows itself to be cared for. Same with infant souls, the kind most people are carrying within their bodies. Underdeveloped, malnourished infants who cannot express its needs to its caretaker-body because its caretaker-body, having grown up in America, has never heard the sound of its cries.

It has survived because it is immortal, but has not been expressed. Has not had a chance to manifest itself outward to gain maturity and will therefore require another body. Another lifetime. Perhaps another country, to try again. (Side note — it’s interesting to consider new souls being a vibrational match to this still very new country). Anyways, when you have not developed language between you and your soul, you miss the FUNDAMENTAL point of life. Which is to come in contact and merge completely with it.

If you devoted all of your time to doing nothing but this, you’d correct any physical, mental or emotional health issues. Doing this would be to the exclusion of all distractions. The more time devoted to soul-language development, the more any unnecessary distractions would fall off. The first to go would be entertainment.

And here I want to make a distinction. I am not talking about not appreciating art, what beauty can and does to feed, and bridge the gap to our souls, to make life more enjoyable. I’m talking about our habit of consuming entertainment disguised as art in excessive amounts. Or not even disguised.

What’s the different between art and entertainment?

Art has no agenda besides serving to express the soul.

Entertainment has an agenda to IMPRESS itself on the masses by impressing the masses. Playing to their ego fantasies by manifesting them in STORIES.

If we consumed art the way we consumed entertainment, we would be a much more evolved species. Why? Because we’d be inspired to do the same — to express our souls authentically, to manifest our true selves outward. Instead, we’re in the centipedal infant loop.

Back to attention. If the only purpose in life is to align to our soul’s purpose, does it make any sense to watch or listen to others who are not doing that themselves? Who are getting rich off a system whose only purpose is to derail us from our life’s work?

So we know it’s necessary for celebrities to remain mostly infantile souls to remain in the limelight (without suffering massive internal conflict). And we know that the whole point of the media is to keep us stagnant. To keep feeding us the same shit in slightly different variations so it doesn’t become too obvious.

The system is intent on factory farming infant souls to keep us enslaved. It’s matrix maintenance and progress.

Dismembered bodies can’t retaliate if they don’t even know they’re dismembered. Which is what infant-soul bodies are.

TV would not exist if we were sane.

Neither would Captain Crunch or Lunchables.

An idea. If you LOVE celebrities so much, try talking TO them rather than ABOUT them.

Try bringing up the topic of dismantling the system we/you are both slaves to.

If they don’t respond, do not see you — their audience — as EQUALS, STOP GIVING THEM YOUR ATTENTION.

If you do not see yourself as EQUAL, give yourself all your attention until you DO.

The limelight is a distraction from what could be created in the blackness. If the masses were left TO CONSTRUCT AND OPERATE our own devices.

The limelight is a stunted/ing evolution device, which determines the extend and content of our expression — the nature of our own stagnation.

It’s one of the matrix’s main devices.


What will it take to start valuing our own enough to stomp it out of existence. To propel ourselves into actual existence instead?