The warship we worship

Warning: what you’re about to read is going to sound certifiably nuts. FYI it is as crazy to me as it is to you. Warning: it's also all true. Imagine a warship. A floating black tanker with around a billion nodes covering its facade. Within these nodes are lasers, lights aimed and attached to a corresponding billion human beings. The point of attachment, of contact, between the laser nodes and humans is the third eye. Why? The third eye is the navigational device, or means rather, towards higher states of consciousness. When activated and functioning properly, the human can access inner knowledge, channel higher, soul wisdom and connect more clearly with god - the one within and the one above via its upper chakra system. It's the gateway of transcendence. If blocked, the human is cut off from self and source. If blocked, the human is essentially resigned to a very physical existence, a less than life experience that provides no chance of knowing the truth about oneself. No chance of embodying one’s own multidimensionality and therefore anchored into the matrix without a fighting chance out. Because there's no awareness, or opportunity to gain awareness, of being in one. A non-resistant state of being in hell. The perfect state of being to those who want to keep you there. Who wants to keep you there?

As far as my astral travels during healing sessions go, a shape shifting entity whose many forms function as devices of control. Tampering with human makeup and development. A dark faceless figure mans the warship. Mans here is intentional. The energy of this being is patriarchal. An Uncle Sam mixed with the boogeyman mixed with a secret government special forces unit mixed with Satan. An evil pure in the sense of being able to perform a heinous job with full awareness, dedication and seemingly, pleasure. Maybe pride too. The work is impressive. And here it gets sci-fi. Where I sound like Philip K. Dick. The function of each laser aimed at humans’ third eyes is to keep them shut. The laser is like a highly condensed or concentrated LED light that burns an open third eye upon contact. Which has trained everyone's third eye to remain shut so as to not get burned. To avoid having the equivalent of its retina burned off. I discovered this last week while trying to activate a client’s third eye. Every time I would get it to a semi-state of functioning from dormancy, it would quickly zip back up. I've never seen this in my work. On the third instance, I zoomed out to see what was going on. A common practice in the astral realm when making any new discovery. There is always something more to see. There is always a reason for malfunctioning, as there is in the physical realm. Nothing is an accident. And this is where I see the warship for the first time. It's as fascinating as it is terrifying. It is the first large scale program I witness in my work. Something completely unrelated to individual emotional trauma, that's affecting many more humans than just my client. My client work now more and more becoming gateways or windows into larger anti-human programs. So when I scale back I investigate, calling out the prime directive which forces any foreign entity attached to humans to extract itself and any related interference objects from the human in question, I see the laser beam attached to my client’s third eye retract. I see millions of humans who aren't so lucky and begin discussing the issue with my guides who are extra-dimensionals from the ninth dimension. Arcturians. I finish working on my client and return to the normal world for time’s sake. I return to the astral realm the next day and check on this program, to do more research using myself as a test subject. For my own potential attachment to this ship, if I'd been affected by it in the past to understand more clearly its motives and how to counter attack it on a large scale in lieu of every human affected having to work with their own galactic shaman or whatever my professional title is morphing into during this planetary shift. Anyways, I see my own attachment to this warship on a timeline that lasted up until a few years ago. When I started meditating intensely, like 12 hours a day, for month long stretches at a time. This caused its incoming light to dim. But when I stopped meditating, the lights would return, full blast. Then I get to around the beginning of 2019 when I start using magnets during mediation.

Context note : A shaman I worked with in the Amazon introduced me to biomagnetism and gave me a few therapeutic magnets to take home. I began using them for pain relief after a tooth extraction and then started experimenting with them on my third eye. As a way to calm down at night, to see if they'd have the same relaxing effect on my mind as they did on my muscles. They did. So I I purchased higher strength (gauss) neodymium magnets which are derived from earth material and cheaper than their synthetic counterparts normally used in therapy. I'd place the magnet negative side down on my third eye for around 20 minutes when I got home from work. Then I started sleeping with it taped there. It helped diminish my eyebrow crease and somehow just made me feel better. I continued this intuitively, about 75% of nights for about a year. Still do.

Back to the warship timeline. I noticed a drop off from the time I began wearing the magnet. That it's attachment to my third eye had all but diminished during the magnet year, because of the magnet. It was essentially redirecting the laser towards its node source, burning out its bulb. Refracting light. Cool! This validated my intuitive magnet use and makes me more comfortable with my telling others to do the same, encouraging them to do so. More on that later. More on the nature of the LED laser. Remember everything in the astral realm is reflected in physical reality. In this case it is the egg and not the chicken. Meaning the astral realm is where programs originate before their counterparts manifest in the physical realm. The counterpart of the LED laser responsible for glueing our third eyes shut is of course our screens. Devices emanating blue light at us which diminishes our ability to project internal knowledge outward (because it's inaccessible) which have essentially replaced the role of the third eye. Or become a watered down version of the third eye. Meaning we go to screens to access information instead of our internal resources because we're being ROBBED AND DERAILED from our internal resources by this fucked up mass third eye closure. Our third eye, our connection to source, is supposed to be our guiding light – identifying opportunities to manifest our dreams into reality. In their worst and (likely) most prevalent use, our screens are guidance systems used to manifest the dreams of corporations into reality. Sadly, our screens are where almost all of our collective imagery originates. We're addicted to them for a million reasons and one of them is their similitude to our third eyes which, as a missing part of most of us, is naturally and unconsciously sought out and integrated into our being as part of our being. A missing piece that provides a sense of wholeness that's synthetic just like everything else were fed. Another story. So what can be done about this? In writing this and more posts to follow on other programs discovered in the astral realm, my intention is to spread awareness. And to provide an image (below title) that can be registered by anyone's subconscious who’s been affected. If you're reading this, you likely have (nothings on accident!) So if you're subconscious radar is dinging an affirmative at this point, you have a few options.

1. Start wearing a magnet over your third eye while you sleep. And/or when you're engaged in heavy screen time. Negative (south) side facing down, fastened with medical tape. I've made a headband and have prototypes for more wearable versions but don't have the time or material mind necessary to carry these out through production. If you do and are interested in collaborating on this, please get in touch.

And/or 2. Hire me or another shamanic practitioner who has experience identifying large scale programs and extracting galactic interferences in the astral realm to cut the connection between you and the warship using the prime directive. And to also mend your third eye so it (re)turns to a state of functioning, which is the basis and necessary foundation for chakras 8-12 to activate. (For you to become fully human.) And/or 3. Conduct your own inner journey to check for this warship interference and extract it by looking at its operator, calling out the prime directive and demanding its laser (and any memory and trace of it) to be removed from your third eye. Now! Do not leave until you've witnessed the full extraction. Warning/note: it is not really safe to travel in the astral realm alone and unprotected and for this reason I don't really suggest this if you don't have any experience with astral travel or knowledge of or relationships to your spirit guides. If your third eye is shut, you likely don't :(

…..I am also considering the possibility of the ship exploding if / by enough people (begin) wearing magnets. Which is an ideal work around but perhaps very unlikely to manifest. But maybe I'm being pessimistic. Is taping a magnet to your head such a hard sell in 2020? Maybe not…

A few more thoughts. And maybe a simpler solve…

First, on worship. Which is essentially just focused reverence. Devotion. Remove the religious / spiritual connotations and it’s just attention. You worship anything you give attention and energy to. What if we replaced half our screen time with mirror time? If it’s done with self love rather than loathing, I imagine it could be just as powerful (or more) effective than magnets. Or even if loathing’s involved initially, with enough repetition, I GUARANTEE you'd get to love. The timing would just depend on your current relationship to yourself - the gap between fearing yourself as a god and knowing yourself as a god. I digress.

An exercise. Turn on screen time or whatever phone app that allows you to track yours. Take your weekly total, cut it in half and divide that number by 7. For that much time per day the following week, try looking in the mirror. This could be radical. Life changing. World altering. If we stared at ourselves lovingly for say, 2 hours a day, we’d go back to being one of the most evolved races on the planet, in the universe! Why? Because we’d start trusting and therefore thinking for ourselves. Generating our own self (and therefore life) serving images to manifest into reality and start living our own dreams. Worshipping yourself is the most radical and necessary act of rebellion you can participate in on the planet at this time. What a great way to spend quarantine!

Another thought. Last one. If you did this practice, you would no longer be a vibrational match to remaining attached to the warship. It would not be able to hold your heightened vibration. So, instead of fighting it in the astral realm, you can fight it in the physical with the extreme act of self love described above.

I'm so excited by this and glad I kept writing to land here. Please do this. I dare you!