I’m Jessica. I live in New York City and have been working with and for some of the top talent and brands across industries for 12+ years. From fortune 500 companies, celebrity thought-leaders and best-selling authors to yoga studios and non-profit startups.


I am also a poet, artist and yoga instructor–a lifelong student of self-mastery. I’ve lived with shamans in the Amazon, studied with Reiki Masters in India and have spent a third of my life overseas. I love exploring the edges of…everything: the physical body, the mind, intellect and the subtle senses.


As a creative professional, my career has been punctuated by residencies, international sabbaticals and artistic pursuits––all of which have contributed to my expansive capabilities in conceptual ideation and creative problem-solving.


The perspective I bring to all projects is distinct, distinguished and deeply rooted in an appreciation and understanding of aesthetics. My work in advertising is driven by a pursuit of beauty, resonant cohesion and value creation.